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How We Accidentally Hit Africa on the Way to Wheels and Waves Festival

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Custom motorcycle with fuck off on gas tank two men in stylish motorcycle clothing discussing

'Fuck me, can you see that shit!' one of us said and the other replied, 'Shut up, will you' because he was nice and cozy with his kevlar motorcycle shirt – on his head.


One year three of us had been driving for for two days with only short stopovers. We wanted to get to Wheels and Waves Festival in Biarritz, France, the fastest we could. We had two custom motorcycles in the back, Red Hot Chilli Custom's work, one of them a lovely Yamaha scrambler, and plenty of Crave for Ride motorcycle shirts and motorcycle jackets, T-shirts, tool rolls, stuff.

A custom scrambler motorcycle and Crave for Ride snapback hat in an old VW van.

We were kind of in a hurry.

However, Red's beloved vehicle, an old VW van could have been riding German roads well before we had been born and was not particularly speedy. Bumpy, yes, uncomfortable, too, hurting your back like hell, true, just not especially swift. We were easily taken over by 18-wheelers.

Wheels and Waves snapback hat on a rainy windshield of an old VW van

A nap needed

So we were done. None of us could keep his eyes open wide enough to see the road ahead. Pissed and all ready to pick a fight after long elbow-to elbow co-existence, we decided to pull over.

The pale gray light of dawn was already crawling to kill the night but that was OK. We needed a couple of hours nap.

Red sleeping in an old VW van among motorcycles, motorcycle shirts and motorcycle jackets packed in bags

I'm not sure how long did we sleep.

An awakening

When we woke up, we saw this:

Camels and dromedaries on open grassland at a distance with windmills in the background

The first thing one of us said was, 'Fuck me, zebras! Can you see that shit?!'

Zebra up-close on open grassland with camels and windmills in the background

'WTF?' the other one added. 'Camels? Maaan!'

'These are dromedaries, you moron!'

'How many humps can you see this one has?!'

A camel with two humps up-close looking at you with dromedaries and windmills in the background

'Shut the fuck up, will you?' the third one obviously did not appreciate taking his motorcycle shirt off his head. Like he didn't realize we ended up in Africa with Noah's Arc being dispersed all over the place.

'Man, you really have to see this!'

So he did.

Zebra and five dromedaries and a pony on grassland with windmills in the background

Wheels and Waves 2015

Apparently, a circus had a stopover somewhere near Bordeaux. We joined the animals with some baguettes bought at a nearby Intermarché, said au revoir, and in three hours made it to Biarritz...

Biarritz urban shoreline as seen from the lighthouse

at Wheels & Waves Festival.

Reflection of Bart taking photo of Biarritz lighthouse at Wheels and Waves Festival 2015

Crowd watching custom motorcycles taking photos chatting at Wheels and Waves Festival 2015

Crave for Ride's tent with kevlar shirts sign at Wheels and Waves village 2015

Three custom mopeds tight together on a trailer

15 different surfboards leaning against a wall at Wheels and Waves Festival

A beach at Wheels and Waves Festival with two rocks in the sea and two people entering water

Crowd watching custom motorcycles at Wheels and Waves Festival 2015 dressed in motorcycle jackets and snapbacks, drinking beer

Custom BMW motorcycle with a number 46 at Wheels and Waves Festival 2015

Custom hand-painted motorcycle gas tank at Wheels and Waves Festival 2015

Biarritz narrow street cafes packed with motorcycles and motorcyclists in summer motorcycle jackets and T-shirts

Custom moped against a stone wall at Wheels and Waves Festival

Two custom motorcycles with one rider wearing leather motorcycle jacket open helmet and motorcycle goggles on country road

A motorcyclist is starting his motorcycle wearing leather motorcycle jacket has snapback hat attached to his motorcycle trousers

Stylish motorcyclists watch custom motorcycles at tents at Wheels and Waves village

Crave for Ride tent sign as seen from behind the crowd at Wheels and Waves Festival 2015

A man pulls a face as he is fitting his moped into his old mini

Men wearing motorcycle clothing watching Crave for Ride T-shirts and custom motorcycles

Two custom cafe racers at Wheels and Waves Festival village

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