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About Us


Crave for Ride was established in 2013 with a need originated on the motorcycle to create streetwear looking riding gear that was not out there.
We thought, why all the motorcycle clothes yell: "motorcycle clothes"?
And: when do you want to ride? When it's raining cats and dogs? Or freezing?
See, we have connected the dots.
We have had a sunny ride in mind.

So we invented world's first flannel shirt fully lined with DuPont™ Kevlar®. Seriously, no one thought of it before.
But we were also commuting and a lumberjack shirt was not especially appreciated in the office. So we designed the city collection.

We dreamed on. Because we could.
We are a boutique company and that's why we introduce our ideas when we have them, not – when corporate wise guys tell us.
We wanted a denim DuPont™ Kevlar® jacket, we made it.

We found space technology that was hitched to motorcycle fabrics – we made Armalith jackets, shirts and motorcycle pants. One layer.
Can you imagine, again, we were the first to make a waxed Armalith jacket? Because we wanted it badly! Crazy, huh?

Not entirely. We attend to detail. Our gear is handmade in Europe.
We design all those tiny and large pockets where we need them. As we ride.
And because, you know, shit happens, there are pockets for protectors to fit elbow, back and knee protectors.

Somehow we are not the only ones who love our gear.
Crave for Ride was enthusiastically received by the custom scene – taking in bobbers, café racers, scramblers, brat-style bikes from mopeds through modern retro machines to Harleys.

We are not stopping. Because we ride.